Bin Weevils: Mulch Mayhem is a Bin Weevils trading card game created by Panini. You can get these trading cards in your local supermarkets. You need a trading card album to start with so you can put your cards inside them. They all come in different characters, such as Tink, Clott, Dosh and many more. They also have code cards which are used to unlock items online. All the characters are divided into several families. For example, Dosh and Posh are in the "Dosh" family, Tink is in the "Ink" family, Clott is in the "Rott" family, and so on. It was released in late June 2012.[1] In June 2013, it was followed by a new trading card series called Bin Weevils: Good vs WeEVIL Edition.




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