The guide to blocking (also chat bans) users on the Bin Weevils Wiki.


Administrators and bureaucrats must only block users for a reason. The reason has to be descriptive, so the user knows what they've done. Blocking someone without a reason is not acceptable. Give reasons to why they're blocked (blocked for vandalism, sexual behavior, etc).

Bureaucrats and administrators must leave a message on their talk page to notify the reason why they're blocked, especially chat bans too. If the user doesn't feel comfortable about the block, then they can talk to the administrator or bureaucrat, who blocked them, on here.

How long should blocks last?Edit

The blocks last on what they've done. For example, if someone insulted a user, then the most appropriate time to block the user is about 3 days, however, administrators and bureaucrats decide on how long the user's blocked. Then they can talk about the block after the block has finished. However, if users cannot talk to the admin/bureaucrat, then they have to talk to them on their Message Wall on Community Central or other wikis the admin/bureaucrat is active on. If they don't reply, then they might be inactive on the wiki. If they do not reply in more than 5 days, then talk to another active administrator.

Rules about blocking usersEdit

  • Please leave a message on their talk page to notify them how they're blocked.
  • Please block the user for the most appropriate time.
  • Please do not be silly with blocks. Users will be blocked forever if they've broke lots of the policies rules.
  • Please be kind to users. If a user is talking to an administrator or bureaucrat after/during the block, if they reply negatively, please reply nicely.
  • If the user had over two blocks, then the most appropriate block to use must be increased.
  • If the user is disobeying the warnings about blocks, tell them nicely to read the warnings.

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