Please read all of our policies to avoid being blocked or chat banned. Please talk to a administrator or bureaucrat about the policies if you want.

Blog policyEdit

  • Write blogs about appropriate things.
  • Blogs can either be about your weevil, Bin Weevils, this wiki, news, or anything else similar.
  • Blogs will not have cuss words (abbreviated too). Mean words about someone and anything else like that are not acceptable too (vandalism).
  • No insulting blogs. For example: Block this user!
  • The whole community can see the blogs, so make sure your topic on what your blog is about doesn't have harassment, cuss (swearing), sexual-related, rude-related (towards other users), or more in your blog.
  • Don't write blogs just for edits!

Blogs will face deletion if one of these policies is broke. The user who created that blog will be blocked for over 1 day, however, administrators will decide how long they'll block you, but it has to be over a days block.

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