The useful guide to deleting pages on the Bin Weevils Wiki. This is an only admins guide.


Administrators have the power to delete pages. However, deleting a page must be for a good reason. Deleting pages is mostly if someone has vandalised the page, or if it is not an appropriate page. Deleted pages can be restored, but the administrator who deleted the page decides that.

Candidates for deletion

If any user has put the template {{delete}} on a page, they must tell why, for example- {{delete}} Because this page broke one of the policies. If the page has broke one of the policies, the page should be deleted and the user, who made the page,a short block. If someone doesn't agree with the candidate for deletion, the person must talk to an administrator in the chat, talk page, or any other way. The administrator will decide if it is deleted or not, however, if the administrator decides that the a page shouldn't be deleted, remove the delete template and put back the information by using the "History". When the template is added, the category "Candidates for Deletion" is automatically added. The delete template looks like this.


If a users' page is deleted, they must be notified. They must be told kindly by an administrator to not add inappropriate info or why the page was deleted. If they carry on, they will receive another warning. Continuing to do it in the future, they should have a block or another warning.

User pages/profile

If a user page or profile has broke more than four of the rules of the Profile Policy, then the user will be notified on their talk page. If they carry on, then their profile will be deleted.

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