Please read this Profile Policy to avoid being blocked from this wiki. Talk to an administrator about the policy if you are confused about anything.

Profile Policy

  1. Do not put any mean words, cuss words (even abbreviated), or anything else like that on your profile/user page.
  2. Do not put mean things about someone else. For example: This user's a loser.
  3. Do not share too much personal info (saying if your female or male is allowed).
  4. Do not share your Bin Weevil password or e-mail.
  5. Do not put inappropriate links on your profile.
  6. Do not spam on your profile.
  7. Do not edit anyone else's profile, even if there is a grammatically wrong spelling mistake.
  8. Do not insult anyone on your profile.

If you break over three of these policies, then your profile will be protected due to how many policies you broke. For example, if you broke one policy, it will be protected for 1 week, or 1 day. Administrators will decide how long your profile will be protected, however. Also, each policy you break is a block for 3 days.

You can...

  1. Share information about your Bin Weevil.
  2. Customize it any way you like!
  3. Add photos, videos and make your profile unique and colorful!

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