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Unknown (he has a pet dragon named Colin though)


SWS Chief and former soldier

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Gam is a character in Bin Weevils.


Gam is an elderly and guarding Bin Weevil. He always tells his soldiers what to do, but is not truly bossy. He makes sure that they're getting along fine with each other and cooperate, also being actively involved and persevere.


Gam has his own family and his occupation is taking care of the SWS, the Binscape, his pet dragon Colin and defeat the WEB each time.

He is the Bin's most oldest weevil, and has been around longer than any Bin Weevil he can remember. He lives in Castle Gam, which is named after him, the Bin's stronghold, and is the chancellor of SWS (Secret Weevil Service). Whilst his job being he chief of the SWS, he tells and relies on his agents to do the work, defeat the WEB and do missions.

Gam does not really remember his own birthday. It is unknown what his true age really is.

Gam has three medals on his cape, and as said, he has fought in the Great Bin War - the war against WEB, which they won. That's how they've become enemies ever since. He has earned medals of fighting in wars and taking care of the Bin. His father probably made him the chief of the SWS.


  • The Bin relies on Gam.
  • He is known to be the eldest Bin Weevil in the Binscape, but no one knows his true age.
  • Gam has a pet dragon named Colin.


Gam Gallery

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