The Super Antennae is a type of known antennae, which is known to be extremely rare. It is said only moderators are given this rare Super Antennae. The Super Antennae is bigger than any other antennae. It is yellow, red and orange. The Super Antennae can be earned from a rare ruby. Scribbles set up an event in September 2013, called The Super Antennae Quest. Bin Tycoons could get their Super Antennae from a green chest with a rare ruby. There is many varieties of colours a Super Antennae can have. Recently, in late January-February 2014, there was a bit makeover to Club Fling and Bin Tycoons could receive a special purple disco Super Antennae.


  • The Super Antennae is very rare.
  • Bin Tycoons could get the normal Super Anntennae from the The Super Antennae Quest.
  • Bin Tycoons could get the purple disco Super Antennae from the Club Fling makeover January-February 2014.


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