The Super Antennae Quest was first explained in a Bin Weevils Blog. It was held from September 16, 2013 to September 30, 2013. It was one of the most popular events (parties) because of the Super Antennae. This was only for members. This quest was with different islands and there was several different treasure chests. A special green treasure chest gave you the Super Antennae. There was different treasure boxes which gave different prizes, such as 200 XP. The event is known to be set up by Scribbles, because many Bin Weevils kept asking him how he got his Super Antennae. He also told the story of how he got his antennae in his magazine, and then set up this adventure for the Bin Tycoons.

You could earn nest items from the treasure chests as well. To earn the Super Antennae, you had to find the rare gem and put it in your nest. You would then click on it and receive the Super Antennae!

Bin Weevils - Super Antenna Quest00:21

Bin Weevils - Super Antenna Quest



  • The Super Antennae Quest was a special event.
  • Scribbles set up this party because many players/Bin Weevils asked him how he got his Super Antennae.


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